Manoela Amaral was born in São Paulo, Brazil,  from a family of musicians. As a child, she moved to Lisbon (Portugal) and started her first acting class at 12 years old.
In 1997, she started studying at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, where she was given a degree as a drama teacher. During Uni years, Manoela was engaged in many different university productions as an actress and worked closely with the theatre company Os Satyros. Following graduation, Manoela went to the USA and studied acting and singing at Santa Monica College (California) and was an intern at No Limits Theatre Group  (non profit organization for deaf and heard of hearing children).

In 2004, Manoela co- founded a  professional theater company called Pequeno Palco de Lisboa under the supervision of the director Rui Luis Bras. With Pequeno Palco de Lisboa, she worked as an actress in  15+ theatre projects. She has also worked as a director´s assistant, singer and  drama coach (adults) until 2012, when she moved back to Sao Paulo, just after getting a post graduate certificate of theatre studies, from the University of Lisbon. Arriving in Brazil, in 2012, Manoela started working with the theatre company O Grito and she also worked as a drama coach in a school called Palmares. In 2016, she moved to Melbourne with her husband and started to work as a child educator.

During her career, Manoela has performed in many different plays, working with a broad range of styles and authors such as Shakespeare, Tchekhov, Heiner Muller, Milan Kundera, Gil Vicente, Eca de Queiroz and Nelson Rodrigues.


Improvisation is a true way to develop acting skills through a creative, spontaneous and intuitive process.