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Vocal Coaching




About the Class:

Level 1 – will focus on four main aspects of vocal production – respiration, vibration, resonance and articulation. Each session will incorporate a wide range of exercises, including TAI CHI breathing (and walking) as well as ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE principles to free the mind and body from unnecessary tension. Students will also explore works by prominent voice practitioners such as Cicely Berry, Kristin Linklater, Barbara Houseman, Michael McCallion, Rowena Balos and Joan Melton to develop strength and flexibility in their speaking voice. In the final session, participants will get to perform a solo piece of text of their choice – poetry, monologue, song, presentation – followed by individual feedback at the end.

Level 2 – participants will be taken through a series of stretching, breathing and vocal exercises to open up their bodies and free their voices. The TAI CHI and ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE principles introduced in Level 1 will be reinforced during each practice sessions. Participants will also be introduced to basic singing principles, ideas and exercises to further develop resonance, range and modulation in their speaking voice. Text-based work will be the central focus in these sessions to help prepare participants for upcoming shows or auditions! Give your body and voice a good workout; learn how to stay present, especially when you have to speak through an emotionally-charged scene or speech, without hurting your voice and self in the process.

Message from the Teacher: “Bring joy, enthusiasm, and the willingness to learn ~ that is all I require from you.”