About the Class:

Our Laban class seeks to assist actors in finding a specific process of character development and the development of interpersonal relationships on stage that resonate for them. The psychological nature and content of the Laban sessions are designed to allow actors to be self-reflexive; to explore the inner and outer manifestations of our respective psychopathologies. It is an exploration into the rich tapestry of human existence, an opportunity to further understand how it is we relate to each other physically, emotionally, intuitively and intellectually on stage and in our day to day.

When armed with this specific language, you will have the ability to make informed and universally recognizable choices as actors, you might just learn something about yourself too… You will have a different way to approach the choices you make in a rehearsal room, and be able to understand with more clarity the importance of making clear decisions about the motivations and objectives of your character, and how to go about getting the things you want!

Message from the Teacher:  “Engage in an intimate, mentorship focused environment on the basics of directing for live performance. Equipping you with crucial and fundamental basics, stuff I wish someone told me when I first started!”