Accent Workshop




About the Class:

In the Level 1 class participants will be introduced to the basic IPA symbols and sounds – vowels and consonants – to identify the main sounds in the English language. In order to further develop and enhance their auditory and articulation skills, participants will also get the chance to listen to one another and identify the different speech and sound patterns in each participant. This will lead to an exploration of the sounds found in the Standard British (Received Pronunciation) and American (General American) accents. As an exercise leading up to the final session, students will be asked to transcribe a short audio or video recording and present their transcription either in the RP or General American accent to the class.

In the Level 2 class participants are encouraged to bring a piece of text, preferably a monologue or a speech, that they have worked on before, or would like to work on. We will revisit the IPA symbols and sounds during each session and participants will get to practice presenting their text either in the RP or General American accent. In addition, each participant will get the opportunity to choose an accent or dialect they wish to learn, or one that they have learnt and would like to refine and workshop it in class using their chosen text. Whether participants are preparing for an audition or a role, or simply want to add a new accent onto their resume, this class can be easily catered to each participant’s needs. Participants are advised to inform the tutor of the accent they wish to learn or refine prior to the start of the teaching term so that appropriate planning can be made beforehand.

Message from the Teacher: “Bring joy, enthusiasm, and the willingness to learn ~ that is all I require from you.”